Marshalls required for UKGE (all rounds)


Marshals are crucial to staging and the smooth running of the event – without marshals there is no race. Please consider volunteering for the whole weekend or even just 1 day.

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Maintaining communication between the race organisation, marshals, medics, riders and spectators to support enjoyment and the smooth running of the event
  • Ensuring the safety of riders & spectators, e.g. ensuring spectators and others stay off the track and away from dangerous areas where riders may crash
  • Informing riders of accidents and/or dangers on the track as well as ensuring they are adhering to safety requirements and the rules of the event
  • Ensuring that the medics respond when required

What you get in return for your commitment:

  • A front-row close-up view of the action including some of the country’s top racers
  • Plenty of banter with riders and spectators 
  • Tea/coffee and a bacon/egg/sausage role in the morning and a packed lunch for the day
  • The gratitude of the organiser and the riders
  • Generous expenses to cover your meals and travel

we will provide Radio, Hi-Viz Vest, etc, as well as a detailed briefing on the role

When we need you:

  • Saturday – 07:45 (briefing) to up to 18:00 (for those covering the Seeding stage)
  • Sunday – 08.00 to 17:00 (most will not be required for the whole period) 

——————————————– ————————————————

Register as a Marshall: please email Steve Parr (Organiser) at (or send a message) with your full name, age on the day of the event, mobile number and the rounds you are volunteering for. NB: You must be at least 16 years old on the day of the event.

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