Rules and Regulations

United Kingdom Gravity Enduro Series Rules 2018:


To define the rules specific to the UKGES. These are designed to complement existing BC and UCI cycling regulations and are intended to provide rules

and guidance specifically for the UK Gravity Enduro sector. This is not downhill or cross country, but a new discipline/format.


Your timed stages + seeding will be added together for an aggregate time that will

decide the winner in each category.

The top 3 in each category will be required for the podium, no show no prize!

Sign on open 1600-1800 Friday

3.30 Saturday seeding on stage 5

Sign on 0800-1200 Saturday

Sunday start 0930 from arena

1. Bike

A. Stages must be contested on the same bike. Clearly there is scope for setup change

between seeding and race day, however, the same chassis, suspension forks, rear

shock and wheels must be used for all stages and seeding. Random checks

will be undertaken. Any rider contravening this will be penalised.

B. Bikes must be of a sound mechanical order and have no electronically or

mechanically assisted motors. Bar end plugs or equivalent must be fitted. Official

checks will be undertaken. Any rider not adhering to this will not ride the course or

start the race.

C. It is the riders responsibility to ensure their bike is safe to compete on.

D. No ebikes allowed Saturday or Sunday, instant DQ if used on either day.

2. Courses

A. Stages will be double taped where it is deemed appropriate. Taping will leave

suitable line choices where possible, but it will not allow for any significant ‘cutting’ of

race track. Where course tape is only present on the outside of a corner, this

defines/marks the route. It is not open to inside or homemade lines.

B. Two pieces of tape on either side of the track is deemed “A gate” and must be

passed through.

C. Any competitor seen to be crossing stage tape, marker posts or taking any route

deemed to be off the official race track will be penalised.

D. There must be no interference with the track such as removing rocks, roots or

branches (Unless there is an inherent safety risk to following riders) Any competitor

deemed to be interfering with the track will be penalised.

E. Creative line choice is allowed, however, creating your own trail/line is not allowed.

If a member of UKGE staff or marshal witnesses or receives unbiased witness evidence, the rider will be penalised.

2 riders (not from the same team) who witness another rider taking a

short cut (this includes the transitions) may report the rider with his/her name and their number to the nearest official/marshal, stating where the offence took place, penalties will be applied accordingly.

F. No pushing back up stages between the tape. If you would like to go back and practise a section, please make sure you are outside the tape.

3. Conduct

A. Competitors must behave in a sporting fashion, observe all rules and instructions

provided by organisers, timing staff and marshals.

B. Should you be caught by another rider in a stage you must pull off the racing line to

allow a safe passing move. The pursuing rider must give clear audible notice of which

side they intend to pass. For example; the pursuing rider may shout “On your left”,

allowing the slower rider to move to the right.

C. Foul or abusive language aimed at any of the Gravity enduro series team will not be

tolerated. Any such action will result in an on the day penalty. The organisers may

impose a lengthy restriction from any future events.

D. Any rider coming across an incident on stage that he/she deems serious must stop

and inform the nearest marshal or the next rider down to contact race officials.

E. No Motorized play things will be allowed on site.(Except for official use with prior


4. Signing on

A. All competitors must, read the declaration, sign on and pick up their number board before riding the course.

B. Any rider found on stage without a number board will receive a 2 minute penalty, 2nd offence will be automatic DQ.

C. All competitors must leave the arena on race day at their allotted time and be

signed out. Late departures will incur a penalty.

D. Race numbers will be issued at the first round; this is your number for the whole

series. If this is lost a replacement will cost £5.

E. Do not tamper, modify or deface number boards in any way. Failure to comply with

this will result in a penalty and a new number board at £5.

F. Number boards should be fixed to the bike in such a way as all “Sponsors” logos are visible

5. Safety Equipment

A.  Helmets with either a fixed or removable chin piece are compulsory on stages for Saturday and Sunday. A helmet must be worn at all times when riding your bike and be securely fastened, they must carry a Snell, Kite mark or EN 1078.

B. If a rider is seen without their helmet on a transition whilst on their bike, a penalty

may be imposed. Repeat offenders will be disqualified.

C. Body armour is highly recommended.

D. Shoulders to be covered by at least a Tshirt or long sleeve top, NO VESTS!

6. Seeding

A Seeding is designed to decide the running order for the following race day’s timed

stages. The time from seeding will count towards your overall aggregate time.

Competitors must, as a minimum, break the first timing beam at the start of the course to enable participation in the following days race.

B. Failure to complete the seeding run will result in that rider being awarded the slowest time in that category plus a 2 minute penalty.

7. Link Sections

A. The organisers will mark out a link between stages (Transition) with a time limit to reach the next stage. Transition time is based on using the full link. Alternate links are not permitted.

It is important to use the marked link so we can trace riders in case of emergency or


B. Any rider caught or seen off the linking stage will incur penalties

C. We will place an A0 map in the sign on tent for your reference.

D. Helmets must be worn whilst on your bike.

E. Stages will be closed 5 minutes after the last rider has completed the stage.

8. Elite Category

A. Any rider who is ranked as elite or expert in any MTB discipline will automatically race elite in UKGE.

If a rider racing his/her first round does not wish to race in elite, then at the organisers discretion that rider will be demoted to the next applicable category pending a

performance appraisal. The rider will either remain in the new category or will be

promoted back up to elite dependant on his/her result for the remainder of the series.

B. Performance appraisal will be as such; If the demoted elite rider wins his/her new

category and that time places them in the top 10 of elite then said rider will be

promoted back to elite for the remainder of the season. Points gained will be

equivalent to position in elite rankings.

C. Any rider who has not raced elite or a UKGE and wishes to race in the elite

category must provide evidence of prior results to the organiser.

The organisers decision is final.

9. Time Penalties

A. For every second you are late to the start of your stage, a time penalty (1 second recurring) will be added to your stage time. If you miss your call up from the start marshal or are unable to start due to a mechanical then the penalty will still apply. The onus is still on you to make sure you start your stages on time.

B. Late start from the arena/podium, 2 minute penalty.

C. Defacing of number boards, 2 minute penalty and £5 to buy a new number board.

D. Helmet off on transition or not correctly fastened; 1st offence; 2 minute penalty, 2nd offence; disqualification.

E. Course cutting, 1 minute penalty (Transitions and stages)

10. General

A. A second breach of any rule by a competitor will result in a harsher penalty or disqualification, the organisers can also eliminate the rider from the remaining rounds of the series.

B. No uplifting of competitors is allowed on Saturday or Sunday, if seen, you will be

disqualified from the event and a possible multiple race ban may be applied.

C. There will be a riders briefing after seeding, weather and light permitting;

attendance is compulsory.

D. If a stage is cancelled due to an incident, all times for that stage will be voided.

E. Gravity Enduro is by definition an Enduro, please take with you all clothes, food etc

that you require to get you through the day and bring your rubbish back with you.

Littering will not be tolerated.

11. GoPro/Helmet Cameras 

A. Only during practise can onboard cameras be used.

B. They must not be mounted on the person’s body.

C. If mounted on the helmet, the mount must be break away, in no way can the mount be fixed to the helmet permantley ie – Stuck on

D. Under peak, as per UCi guidelines are acceptable.