2015 UK Gravity Enduro

9bar, Fuelling the UK Gravity Enduro Series 2014

We are pleased to announce that 9bar, will be fuelling the UK Gravity Enduro Series in 2014.

The guys at 9Bar, had this to say…

“Here at 9bar HQ we believe in the benefits of eating well, keeping active and living life to the full. Supporting the UK Gravity Enduro Series for the first year running as official Nutrition partner is such an exciting venture and we are certain it is the perfect way for those taking part to really revel in the benefits 9bar nutrition has to offer. Of course we also can’t wait to witness some serious skills and competition!

Athletes find that 9bar is easily digestible and helps during training, competing and post event. That’s why 9bar has such an enduring appeal for so many athletes and hopefully will be a great help for all competing in UK Gravity Enduro series.

9bars given out on race days to participants will certainly help provide that much needed mix of quick and sustained energy release to help them power on through! You can check out what our Team 9bar athletes have to say about the benefits of 9bar at www.9bar.com



  1. can you tell me how long the courses are at these events ?
    thank you mark

    • Hi Cranny,

      Varies according to the venue. Race distance can be anywhere from 20-30k, with plenty of climbing and then of course 6 stage sprints thrown in repeated over two days.


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