2015 UK Gravity Enduro

Depth in Numbers – UKGES 2015 Rd1 Triscombe

Round 1 UK Gravity Enduro Series 2015 Full Highlights from Felix Smith on Vimeo.

The first round of the 2015 UKGES was also the series’ first trip to the south west of England, by far the most southerly round in its’ 4 year history. UKGES is definitely extending the geographic love by doing its best to move venues around the country and Triscombe is an example to all. Not a huge hill but a hill used creatively. Showing that races like this could be done all over the country, and done well.

The highlight of the race was the extensive elite women’s category. A real boost to female participation in the sport. Let’s hope this continues as a full compliment throughout the year.

In the first of our privateer insights; we spent some time with Craig Erskin during the course of the weekend. This would be Craig’s first race in quiet a while and luckily is turned out well, both for him and the rest of field – everybody agreeing this was a well laid out course.


Weather held out despite a mixture of predictions and toward the end of Sunday, the tracks were almost perfect. Only a brief spell of rain tried to dampen enthusiasm but in the end, enthusiasm won through: Emphatically so. April’s sunshine-baked ground absorbed the worst of recent rain to help lay a base that for the most part held together well and provided some fast and stable race tacks.

All stages had a good mix of styles with SS/3 coming out as the racers favourite. All tracks had steep, dark and technical sections that left some guessing and others dancing. A late minute revision to stages due to justifiable conservation constraints issued by the the FC left race manager Charlie Williams with some big changes to implement. The loss of some tracks and the moving of others ended with 2 repeated stages (1/5&2/6). It was decided to run 1+2 on Saturday afternoon, restricting practice a little and leaving some riders discussing the idea of banning (unofficial) practice on Fridays due to the unfair advantage given to those able to have an extra day off work. This is a topic that Steve Parr seems keen to review, beginning a new chapter in UKGES relationship with its racers though riders reps Helen Gaskell and James Green.


Mark Scott and Tracy Moseley shone brightest in their respective categories come race day. Sam Shucksmith taking a significant dive on one of the few awkward sections of track that may have contributed to him loosing the lead he held onto over Saturday night.

The back story to the weekend was the sad theft of 17 bike from the race village. Privateer and race teams stuffing equally. Whyte and MDE teams were hit hard with my own bike taken in the haul too. One can only imagine the horrible fate that awaits these beloved steeds. Once a fleet of dreams, now a pile of bits. Please keep your eye and ears peeled in the hope that the police catch up with these filthy scoundrels.


Produced By:
Alex Langley

Filmed and Edited By:
Felix Smith

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