2015 UK Gravity Enduro

Rd1 Triscombe, 9th-10th May 2015

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  • Price: £70
  • Date: Sat, May 09, 2015 - Sun, May 10, 2015
  • Time: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
  • Venue: Triscombe
  • Location: Somerset, UK
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Event Information

Sign on will be open Friday from around 4pm, please remember Photo ID, insurance and your credit/debit card for timing chip deposit. (Old type slips used no payment taken)

Stages as usual will be all set up and ready to go by Friday afternoon, transition boards will not be put out until Friday.

If you practise before Friday, please be aware staff will be on stages taping out and preparing them, ride with caution and be courteous.

Medics will be onsite Friday, just as a precaution on UKGE’s part, so many of you are now arriving on Friday, we felt cover was needed.

Please remember there are fast and slow riders at these events, if you catch someone please give them an idea you are there by saying which side you intend to pass them “Rider on your left” or “Rider on your right”, if you have been caught please move over for the faster rider who has given you indication of which side they intend to pass.

How to get there:

OS Grid ref: ST182378

Postcode: TA5 1HN

Adscombe, Bridgwater, Somerset TA5 1HN


Camping at rd 1 is in a farmers field close to Great Wood camp. There is water on site, chemical toilets and of course the Billycan. The arena will be good to camp from Thursday afternoon, most facilities will be on site from the morning.

All that remains to say is have a great rd 1 and thanks to all the sponsors, marshall’s, Medics, The Billycan and anyone who makes this series amazing.


Steve, Liz, Charlie, Cornish Trail Pixies, Matthew and Imogen.


  1. Hi there I noticed yesterday at the triscombe race there was photographers taking pictures of the riders all round the course will they be available for the riders to see and buy

    • Hi Paul,

      Yes they are, checkout a website called rootsandrain.com you’ll find lots of photos, video and results.

    • We are looking for a bog post to our website for mountain bikers. First person to call and book a pitch will receive 2 nights free camping if they are willing to help us out with this, cheers, Moorhouse Campsite.

  2. Hi, haven’t entered the event but hoping to ride in the area independently. Will a route map be available showing what area the event covers.
    Thanks for your help.

    • Hi James,

      Yes a route map will be available at sign-on. Plenty of other stuff to ride while your there.

  3. Hi there, just a quick question if you dont mind. Does the camp site need to be booked in advance or do we just roll up on the day?

    Also is there an extra charge for this. Many thanks, Steph

    • Hi Steph,

      Just show up free camping next to finish arena.

      • Great, thanks.

  4. Hi there just gone to enter for Rd1 at triscombe and it said entries are closed I thought they were open till 30th of April cheers

  5. Hi Matthew,I will be coming to Triscombe with my son,who is racing, is there any way to ride my mtb while my son is practicing or racing ,any offroad routes or trails i could do that are away from the racing,2 days sat in a carpark watching my son enjoying himself could get boring. thanks

    • Hi Mick,

      Yes plenty to ride whilst your son is racing. Bring your bike you won’t be bored.

      • Sweet. one more. Is the campsite near the finish line for refuelling etc. thanks

        • Hi Mick,

          The finish arena and camp site are in the same field. Full details of the race route will be released a few days before the event.

          Any other questions, just ask.

  6. Hi i am 14 years old, 15 in june this year, what are the situations for me to enter and what requirements do i need to have to enter

  7. Are there enduro bikes available to hire if we do not own one?

    • Hi Alex,

      No, sorry.

  8. Hi it is probably written but I can’t see it, do I need a Bc license before entering or do I just need one before the actual race? Many thanks, Tim Hall

    • Hi Tim,

      You do not need a BC licence to enter our races.

  9. Hi there, just wondered if you can release a bit more information on the camping situation for the first 3 races.
    Many thanks
    Dan reid

    • Hi Dan,

      Have just updated with some detail on camping.

  10. Hi Matthew

    The insurance company told a friend of mine while gaining his PI, that entries were going live on Sunday at 8, and not Monday 2nd at 7am as quoted, can this be confirmed or clarified please ? Don’t want to miss the boat as they say.

    best regards


    • Hi Mark,

      Entry will go live at Sunday March 1st at 7am.

      • Hi Matthew

        Is it just the first 3 events that can be entered at once, as it was last year ?

        best regards


        • Hi Mark,

          Yes just the first three events to start with the remaining at a later date.

  11. How can i enter?

    • Hi Liam,

      Entry will go live at the beginning of March, you can enter via this website.

  12. is there any more information about the race

    • Hi Joe,

      We will release a route map which includes distances and elevation much near the time. Some more information on camping etc will be available around the same time entry goes live.

  13. When will entries be available?

    • Hi Ritchie, An official announcement will be made later this week. But I’d pencil Sunday 1st March 07:00am in your diary.

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