2015 UK Gravity Enduro

Rd2 Grizedale, 27th-28th June 2015

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  • Price: £70
  • Date: Sat, Jun 27, 2015 - Sun, Jun 28, 2015
  • Time: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
  • Venue: Grizedale
  • Location: Lake District, UK
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How to get there:

Postcode: LA12 8LH

There are a number of ways to Grizedale but generally most people will head towards Ambleside then Hawkshead to reach us. From Ambleside it will take around 20 min’s.

It is worth noting that many Sat Nav’s will take you via the Ferry on Windermere. This can be busy and will add a lot of time to your journey although it is a unique experience and worth the trip at some point.


New finish field and stage 5 for Rd2

Last years Farm/finish field has a possible TB outbreak in the Cattle herd, forcing us to make a last minute change. There will be a charge per van/caravan that camp for the weekend of £5 per unit, this is to cover the extra cost of the new field. Tents are not allowed, they must go to Bowkerstead Farm to camp. If Bowkerstead is full there are 2 alternatives at Hawkshead.

Post code for new venue is LA12 8LH There is water on site, chemical toilets and of course the Billycan.


  1. Hi steve…any official photos gonna be available from the weekend?

    • Hi Nick,

      Try roots and rain.com

  2. I’d like to come and watch. Can I get to some good viewing points by parking at Grizedale visitors centre and either walk or ride ?

    • Hi Mark,

      You can collect a map of all five stages from the sign-on tent, you’ll then be able to work out the best places to view from.

  3. Hi Matt,

    I know it’s last minute, but unfortunately I can no longer race this weekend due to financial issues. Is there any chances of getting a refund for my entry this late in the day? Cheers.

    • Hi Dan,

      Afraid not as its to close to race weekend for us to resell or reuse your entry.

  4. Any entries still available for next weekend?

    • Hi Matt,


  5. Rules state full face helmet Saturday & Sunday. Do we need them for the Friday? is it still unmarshalled practice on the Friday also


    • Hi Matt,

      Friday practise is not part of the event so there is no marshal cover and no requirement to wear a full face helmet.

  6. What time will the course be available until on Friday evening?

    What time will registration open and what time does practice start on Saturday morning?

    Finally, what time is seeding on Saturday afternoon?

    It’s been a while since I did one of these and I just wan to plan my approach.

    Many thanks,

    • Hi Alexander,

      Friday evening you can ride until dusk.

      Registration open at 8am and you can go ride stages from 9am.

      Seeding will be at approximately 4pm this depends on what category you are in so an hour either side of this is possible.

  7. When will the ride map be available ????

    • Hi Timmy,

      Route map will be in the sign on tent from Friday.

      • Ok cheers! I thought we got the route up to a week previous ????

        • Hi Timmy,

          That was the case in previous years but Steve has decided to change things up a bit for 2015.

  8. Hi Matt. Is the campsite for tents secure? I remember at coed a couple of years ago bikes going missing. Don’t have a van these days to sleep in so will be in the tent. Cheers michael

  9. Hi Matt, If there is seeding on saturday will we have start times for each stage ? or will we be able to roll up ?. We are driving up from south coast and are trying to work out logistics. Also you said previously there is camping which is free, do we need to book and can we use a tent ? for Sat night.What time do we have to be there to sign on on Saturday. Sorry for the bombardment . Many thanks Mike

    • Hi Mike,

      Yes you have a start time for each stage which you must abide by or get a time penalty. Registration ond practice start on Saturday from 8/9am. You can sign-on on Friday evening if your about. In short get there as early as possible to give yourself the maximum time to practice and prepare.

    • Mike, just in case you weren’t aware, camping in tents is not free at the suggested campsites so you’ll need to book a pitch in advance.

      • Thanks Andy :)

  10. Hi,Is the new van campground close to the finish line, we have a van and a tent ,is the tent campground far from the van field ? we are coming up on the friday is this still ok to camp? both the van and the tent?

  11. Hi, im planning this as my first ever race……im an intermediate rider with a good few years experience and a good level of fitness. Im an XC rider….would this event to suited to me, if im honest, i just want to test the water and race?

    • Hi Nick,

      Not sure that as a first race the UKGE events are the place to start as this is a national series event with riders from all over the country travelling to the venue to take part. I know that there are a number of other races during the year that use Grizedale as a venue and that might be a better starting point for you. If you do decide to race, bear in mind that you will need personal accident insurance and a full face helmet to take part.

      If you decide not to enter on this occasion, you can always come and watch and see if this is an event for you.

      Any questions, please just ask?

  12. I’ve only been doing miu tain biking a couple of months so I’m nothing special. Is there a beginners catagory

    • Hi Corin,

      Nope afraid not, you will be entered in to a category based on you age. If you have not entered a gravity enduro race before you might be best to find a smaller local event before you enter the UKGE.

      Any questions, please do just ask?

  13. I’m thinking of entering this event, what distance is the total loop on the day for the event?


    • Hi James,

      We release a route map one week before the race.

      As a guide I would say the loop is around 40k so not that far as a one off, but please bear in mind that you will ride this on Saturday as practice and for seeding, then again on Sunday for the race. Obviously there is some pretty steep climbs to gain the elevation required for the stages which are usually around 4-8 mins downhill sprints x 6. Many of the racers also do a loop on Friday during unofficial practice.

      It’s really the culmination of 2/3 days of riding that place the strain on bike and body. Still is great fun and lot of time spent racing the stages.

      Any questions, please just ask?

  14. Is the ticket price to spectate or to enter? I’m just wanting to come watch.

    • Hi Glyn,

      The ticket price is to enter the event. It’s free to come as a spectator and you’re more than welcome.

  15. Hi, I’m thinking of having a go at one of these events. Just spotted that I need a full face helmet. Can anyone recommend one, ideally not too expensive as I don’t know if I’ll get hooked on it or not.

    Detachable chin bar or not?


    • Hi Bobby,

      Try posting your question here in the UKGE facebook group.

  16. Hi, can you tell me if camping is free at this event? Thanks

    • Hi Roz,

      Yes it is. There will be more details in the next few weeks.

  17. Hi i am looking to enter this race, i am 14 years old and will be fifteen at the time of the race. I am wondering what equipment and requirements are needed for me to race. Cheers.

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