2015 UK Gravity Enduro

Fault with the BC online entry system!

There is a fault with the BC online entry system.

Round 3 Afan filled on Friday 31st to max 380 riders. As such anyone who entered on Saturday will be receiving a refund.

We apologise to any of the affected riders.

Steve and The Team


  1. Was gunna ask the same question but its been answered! Sweet!

    • Good stuff Mez

  2. Hello,

    I entered rds 1,2 and 3 on Friday evening. Got a e-mail from BC this morning saying my entry was accepted for Rd 3, which is great, does this mean however that I didn’t get in to Rds 1 and 2?


    • Hi David,

      No it dose not. If you entered on Friday you will be in all three races. The problem only existed for round 3 which Steve is working on today hence you got the email. Once he has that problem fixed he’ll move on to round 1 and 2. So you’ll receive your confirmation email in due course.

      Rest assured that your entered in to all three rounds.

      Only those that entered round 3 on the Saturday are going to have a problem.

      We apologise for the melt down of the BC system causing this confusion.


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