2015 UK Gravity Enduro

Final Instructions for Rd2 Grizdale

Different year same venue or is it?
The lakes has to be 1 of the most beautiful places to visit in the UK and with this popularity comes several issues, usually big, but not too big to overcome.
Grizedale or Grizzledale as it became known, was the scene of a stunning series final in 2014, for 2015 we bring a bigger better version.

New finish arena and stage 5, Middle Park, Near Grizedale, LA12 8LH.
Please note there are NO TENTS allowed on the finish field, if you pitch your tent you will be asked to take it down and camp at either Bowkerstead campsite or the Croft at Hawkeshead.
With the popularity of the Lakes also come increased costs, unfortunately we will have to charge £5 per van/caravan/camper for the weekend to stay in the finish field.
Do not go out on course Saturday without signing on before, make sure your number board is on your bike and not folded obscuring sponsors logos.

You must bring photo ID and proof of insurance (Bespoke customers do not need documentation), DOGTAG insured riders must bring their certificate, the Dogtag is not sufficient. Policy numbers is not enough proof, make sure you bring proof, no proof no race.
Chemical toilets will be on site and serviced Saturday PM, there is no water in the arena, but there is a very nice beck (stream).
There will be a skip at the EXIT of the finish field as usual, please use it, your usually very good at this :-).
Grizedale has a large Deer population and with these lovely animals comes a not so nice insect, TICKS are everywhere in the long bracken, please check yourself carefully if you go off course.
After round 1’s thefts please make sure we all keep an eye out for each others valuables, don’t leave your trusty steeds unattended, LOCK IT OR LOSE IT.

Usual timetable will apply – Sign on  – Friday 1600-1800 & Saturday 0900-1200, if you don’t sign on and go riding we will impose a time penalty.
Full face helmets are compulsory on stages and a helmet must be on your head, fastened securely at all times, riders seen without helmets on will receive a time penalty. If you are seen without a helmet for a 2nd time you will be DQ’d.
Phone reception is pretty poor in the finish field, a quiet weekend for the lads from the trouble and strife :-).
Sorry this seems like the fun Police are being OTT, we now have a very high standard National series and we all want this to succeed, your co operation as ever is appreciated.

All that’s left to say from the Cornish trail pixies, marshals, timekeepers, Charlie, Liz, Me & Imogen is see you there and enjoy what is gonna be a belter of a round.


  1. can you wear a normal helmet on practice on friday night?

    • Hi Stephen,

      Yes you can.

  2. Hi Guys,

    Apologies if this seems like a stupid question but as far as the instructions go, I would be able to camp in the finish field (sleep in my car), as long as I do not pitch a tent up? Please could you clarify if this is ok? Is the £5 for Friday, Saturday and Sunday?

    Cheers, Tom.

    • Hi To,

      Sleeping in the car sounds good to me, £5 covers the weekend.

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