2015 UK Gravity Enduro

Love your sport? Protect yourself with UKGE/Bespoke Financial

We all know accidents happen, but we all believe they don’t happen to us!!!
They do!!!

BespokeNewcastle logoSteve Parr said. “Every rider must have personal insurance.
 This is not a decision we have taken without great thought for you the racers, the company we have chosen as our preferred supplier is Bespoke Financial Ltd contact them now using the form below and they will call you with a quote.

Entries will go live on Monday 2nd March 7:00am we have pushed the date back by a month to allow you time to get your insurance policy in place before you enter. As you must provide us with the name of your insurance provider and the policy number at the time you enter. Any entries received without this information will not be accepted.”

Bespoke Financial ltd access the top insurance companies in the UK to find you the BEST possible deal at the BEST price available on the market. Bespoke Financial are partnering with UKGE to help competitors like you in the event of an accident.

Bespoke Financial design an insurance package to suit your needs, whether it’s enduro, downhill, cross country, adventure sports, cover even at work, when racing or even just training, whatever your sport Bespoke have the answer.

Some of the benefits can include, cover against broken bones and serious accidents or even something as serious as disablement or death.

Cover starts from £2 per week so to get your covered now.

Complete the from now, to receive a call today.


Send the form or Call to get your quote.



  1. Hi, I have sent my details to Bespoke and not received a phone call. I have called them and there is no answer. Tomorrow is the final day to enter the first round and I would really like to race. So is there an alternative company I can call or can I enter and send you my insurance number afterwards?

    • Hi Mark,

      Strange Bespoke have been very good with calling back etc. Give them another try and failing that you can use any insurance provider you choose, Totally Sports Insurance is one of many other options.

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