2015 UK Gravity Enduro

On-One Rider Nominated Prize worth £2,400

On One LogoOn-One as a proud series sponsor of UKGE have created this Codeine 29 beastie, look out for it tearing up a stage in 2014!

On-One will be giving away a prize worth £2,400 at the end of series and we are asking riders to nominate someone to win.

The nominee must have either performed all season long at well above usual or done something totally selfless like a couple did last year. Ie…. Stopping for an injured rider and getting help!

We want your ideas and nominations, remember it has to be something exceptional, this is a BIG BIG prize.


  1. I would like to nominate Si Evamy as his mission this season is to keep the trails clean – he has been picking up litter everytime he passes some.
    He also has been a great support & pit crew to for my racing and the others we race with fxing bikes on and off the the trail.


    Looking forward to the weekend. Sal

  2. Rachel Gurney for lots of mini enduro and DH podiums this season – well deserved as she put in lots of practice and also for being really friendly and mentoring me on the Haldon Forest mini enduro in March when I had no idea what I was doing!! Also cos she does a blog which is really encouraging for other female riders.


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