2015 UK Gravity Enduro

Pro Ride Guides official coaching partner for 2013

The UK Gravity Enduro series has teamed up with coaching company Pro Ride Guides as the official coaching partner for 2013.

Alex and Joe Rafferty will not only be racing the events this season, but also providing skills and fitness coaching to fellow riders in the build up to each event. The boys have always committed Pro Ride Guides to introducing riders to Enduro Racing and helping them surpass individual goals.

If you’re looking for more flow, faster corners, increased fitness, they’ve got it covered. Whether you’re going for gold or picking your way down safely, they’ll be the best investment made second only to your entry!The guys will be offering a discount to all riders signed up for the events.

Check out what they’re up to at the moment at http://www.prorideguides.com/ and their Facebook page


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